Malaysia Cashless Day

Take those small steps for a big leap

THE VBLOC held the first Malaysia Cashless Day on 8 August 2019 to create the awareness of Cashless Lifestyle to the public. Cashless payment is a current trend in Malaysia. This cashless transaction has catched on with Malaysia lifestyle. The convenience of e-wallet is that users only need to click on their e-wallet app, scan the QR code and the transaction is complete. The process of the transaction is time saving and convenient. Malaysian merchants are following the trend and started to accept cashless payment.

During the carnival, THE VBLOC had invited artists and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) to attend the carnival, as a sharing and performing guest to make the carnival warm and joyful. Besides that, some well-known entrepreneurs shared their insights during entrepreneur sharing sessions. THE VBLOC will organize Malaysia Cashless Day annually in order to share the cashless lifestyle with the public and encourage them to adapt to it.