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It’s all about VBLOC System
- Make your business SMART and EFFICIENT

Why Digitize Your Business?

  • To centralize your business
  • To increase your sales revenue
  • To expand your distribution channel
  • To enhance and simplify your management structure
  • To retain and expand your customer database

How To Digitize Your Business?

  • Integrate your business into one system
  • Implement OMO business model
  • Fully utilize your customer database and turn them into your sales

Loyalty Program


  • Virtual membership card
  • Points, Virtual E-Voucher and Stamp chop system
  • Birthday Voucher able to blast automatically to birthday members
  • Members profile, transaction history, points etc

Benefits of Loyalty Program:

  • Convenient for members to check their rewards & point balance
  • Able to increase repeat sales
  • Attract new customer & retain existing customer base
  • Enrich engagement with customer
  • Environment friendly without physical cards and vouchers
  • Able to acquire members database

Smart Referral System


  • Ecommerce and One Level Referral
  • Points, Virtual E-Voucher
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting
  • Order Management
  • Members account, points, referral

Benefits of Referral System:

  • Able to convert customer to sales person
  • Able to generate and increase online sales
  • Minimize Cost: Turn your clients into your sales person to minimize your operation cost rather hiring extra sales person
  • Able to get members database

Food Ordering System


  • Automatic distance calculation to accept order within your delivery area
    ( Set maximum distance )
  • Auto complete on address ( Google Places API )
  • Pickup Option ( On check out page )
  • Delivery Fees ( Shipping zone, cost etc )
  • Extra Options ( Topping on foods etc )
  • Ability to accept / decline order ( Real-Time )
  • Support multiple restaurant locations for selections

Benefits of Food Ordering System:

  • Able to start your own delivery platform at an affordable price
  • Able to attract customers who are unable to dine in
  • Increase sales channel
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Optimize your business model with OMO platform
  • Able to acquire customer database

E-Learning System


  • Customizable Site Design & Layout with personal dashboard
  • Responsive mobile web design
  • Course & Quiz Module
  • YouTube Live Supported
  • File Management Module
  • User Management
  • Calendar Module
  • Reporting

Benefits of E-Learning System:

  • Convenient for students / employees to revise back course / product knowledge
  • Able to conduct live class, forum discussion etc. via YouTube
  • Able to conduct quiz or test online with different format such as short answer question, multiple choice etc
  • Able to acquire students / employees database and track their progress
  • Administrators are able to customize
  • The dashboard design & layout

AI Tech System for CCTV


  • Footfall
  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Dwell time
  • Queue time
  • Emotions
  • Heat map Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • POS integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security

Benefits of AI Tech System of CCTV:

  • Acquire data thru Business intelligence to find out business factors
  • Through data above to know more about your customer’s behavior and preferences
  • Carry out accurate marketing strategy with tons of your customer’s data
  • Better understanding with your business services/products thru data from Dwell time and Heat Map Analysis
  • Understand more about your store conversion rate and better planning to enhance it
  • Convenient for you to monitor your business and result of the strategy with real time data
  • Without Human Error and Limitations
  • SSP / Security Provide yet no human guide required

AR System for Virtual Expo


  • Gamification conceptual floor plan
  • Immersive virtual booth
  • On-the-go mobile experience
  • Multiple real time chat
  • Post event report
  • Live stream webinars

Benefits of AR Virtual Expo:

  • Reach out to a global audience
  • Measurable R.O.I
  • Save time and money
  • Become industry leader
  • Personalize Marketing Campaign
  • Boost brand visibility (Social Media)

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